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Dreaming of an Italian getaway? Need Inspiration for a future trip to this beautiful country?Italian travel expert Eddie Strano is a local in Italy and has explored the country and is ready to share with you his favorite spots!
Let’s start with iconic Venice, Italy. It is a car free, canal ridden city with heaps of history, culture, food, and architecture. Getting lost amongst the alleyways, bridges, churches and canals is a part of the experience. Walking on foot is the best way to get around, and there’s a view to be seen in every corner of this city!

Spend a few days here to visit many of the landmarks and the surrounding islands of Burano and Murano. The Rialto Bridge is a central starting point where you can take in the views of the Grand Canal. Hop aboard a Gondola for a ride through the smaller canals (its worth the money!) and relax while taking a tour through Venice.

Other places you must visit include Saint Mark’s Basilica (photo above), Bridge of Sighs, The Peggy Guggenheim Museum, Doge’s Palace, and Teatro la Fenice. Looking for some Venetian grub with views? Eddie recommends Al Scalzi Restaurant and a visit to Ponte Degli Scalzi, also known as “Bridge of the Barefoot Monks”.
A quick side trip to the island of Burano is a must! It’s known for its colorful homes, delicious seafood and fisherman village vibes. You’ll get instagram worthy photos here and enjoy a day away from the (sometimes) busy Venice. Stop by Museo del Merletto for lace making tutorials and grab a gelato in one of the many ice cream shops!

Take the train down to Rome for a history lesson in architecture and Roman times. The balance of Roman ruins and modern architecture makes this city unique. Stop by the Colosseum for a tour of the Eternal City’s arena, where Gladiators and Animals fought to the death. From here, visit the Roman Forum, grab more gelato, and walk to the Pantheon to gaze at the enormous ceilings and Roman architecture.

You’ll stroll by several Piazza’s, no doubt, but there are many not to be missed! Piazza Novona, Piazza de Spagna (with its Spanish Steps!) and a stop at Trevi Fountain will get you in the spirit of the Romans! The Vatican is best visited via guided tours, and a walk around the Trastevere neighborhood is where you’ll find great food and local hangouts.
Need an island escape? Head South to Sicily, one of the best cities for food and Southern Italian charm. It’s the largest island in Italy and stands out because of its influences from Greeks, Romans, and Arabs. It provides a balance with its beautiful towns and stunning beaches. You can’t go wrong in this region, sipping on Sicilian wine, eclectic food, and quick getaways to beautiful resorts and beach towns.

Eddie shared his trip to Cefalu, a resort town on the coast of Sicily in the Palermo province. Don’t miss the beaches here, including Mazzaforno and Settefrati beaches. Take a break from relaxing (as if you need it!) to visit the museums here as well. The Mandralisca Museum has great archaeological exhibits and the nearby 12th century cathedral with Byzantine architecture should be added to your Cefalu itinerary!
Scicli is a gorgeous Baroque town in southern Sicily. If there’s any way to end a trip around Italy, it’s here! It’s a quiet town not yet run down by tourists, so make a visit soon before the word gets out!
Walk around the city to experience ithe architecture and don’t miss the San Matteo abandoned church, Piazza Italia and Palazzo Beneventano. Take in the various angles on the city while walking along its hilly sidewalks. You will come across abandoned cave settlements in Chiafura, close to an equally abandoned fort. Feel like venturing to more Baroque towns? Check out nearby Noto and Ragusa!
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