Dreaming of an exotic vacation? Desperately needing a getaway to an unforgettable place? Browsing your instagram feed for inspiration? Then we are here to help, alongside Maria Rao, who is a fine art, wedding and travel photographer currently living in Morocco. Maria is originally from Portugal (one of our favorite destinations!) and has relocated with her family to Morocco and has been exploring the incredible country ever since her move two years ago.

With so much to do an see in Morocco, Maria recommends booking a tour in the desert and exploring the towns, especially Marrakech. And, most importantly of course, is the food! “I am very eclectic when it comes to restaurants and shops. I can go to the most simple and local place or to the most sophisticated and luxurious one. In Morocco, you find places to eat where you have the butcher counter where one chooses the meat first and then they will have it grilled for you, and you also find places like the Royal Mansour where a fine and delightful gourmet experience awaits you.” Maria also recommends La Sultana for a romantic dinner and the Beldi Country Club for lunch, both in Marrakech.

Shopping in Marrakech is an experience not to be missed. The Medina in Marrakech, a UNESCO site, is filled with architecture, culture, food, and an overwhelming amount of shops. Bargaining for a special souvenir is crucial, and you won’t be able to buy just one thing! Make sure to take time to dine at Maria’s Medina recommendations, Nomad Marrakech and La Terrasse des Epices.

Maria’s husband has a travel company, Maroc Luxury Travel, that provides luxury and private travel around Morocco. For life changing travel experiences, this is the place to book a trip! The journey to the desert may be long, but Maria told us it’s worth it!

“My favorite memory of being in the desert was being invited for a cuscus lunch at a Nomad people’s house. When I first came to Morocco, I had the preconceived impression that it was an unsafe and dangerous country. But that idea was soon proven wrong once I got the chance to meet the pure essence of the people and emerge in their culture. I realized then that the true unsafety lies in one’s fears. It is an excellent opportunity to live amongst traditions that are lost in time to the western culture”

“In Morocco, one can only travel easily during the Winter and Spring. Summer can be kind of hot making it very hard to go out and about”

It’s easy to see that Maria has fallen in love with Morocco. Who would’d want to spend time in this magical country?

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