Since its Independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, the country of Georgia has become a newly discovered destination for travelers. With old world charm, lovely people, incredible landscapes and delicious food, there’s not much you won’t love!

Mustafa, a graphic and visual designer, has been traveling for 5 years and stopped by Georgia after visiting nearby Greece and Turkey. Like any place you visit, the best way to see Georgia is by walking around, and the locals will help you if you get lost. Mustafa advises, “It is so precious to spend time with people who are not familiar with you. Otherwise you would not enjoy the special photos you take.” If there’s one thing that Georgia is known for, its the friendly people. This will make your experience in Georgia one of a kind.

Georgia is located between Western Asia and Eastern Europe. Its capital, Tbilisi, rests on the banks of the Mtkvari River in front of a mountainous backdrop. Walking around Tbilisi will make you feel like you’ve gone back in time. It’s cobblestone streets and winding alleyways direct you to Tbilisi’s well known architectural beauties. Don’t miss Narikala Castle, Svetitskhoveli Orthodox church, and the Samtavro Monastery!

The country is about the size of Ireland and is packed full of natural landscape with so much to do. The Likhi mountain range divides the country by East and West and is always looming in the background. The 14th century Gergeti Trinity Church is located on Mount Kazbek. And if you keep hiking up the mountain, the infamous Gergeti glacier is a top place for trekking.

For the more relaxed traveler, check out Batumi. The resort town situated on the Black Sea, has a beautiful promenade and is full of night life. During the day, relax on the smooth stoned beaches or check out a sulfuric hot spring.

Foodie travelers, this place is for you. Georgia is known for its wine (one of the first countries that discovered wine) and ChaCha (similar to grappa), but its traditional food is what you should seek out. Khinkali are meat dumplings that are so delicious, you’ll have them every day. Khachapari (cheese filled bread) will also leave you wanting more. Mustafa loved all of the street food in Georgia, so stick with the local grub and avoid American style food (its not good!)

Why should Georgia be at the top of your travel list, you ask? It’s rich history and welcoming locals should be convincing enough. But its beauty lies in its diverse environment, amazing food, stunning architecture, and Georgia has that laid back feel you’ve been looking for…

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