After reading multiple guide books on Croatia, Sarah and Jacob still had no idea what to expect when they arrived on one of the hottest days in August. They were pleasantly surprised, but also glad they didn’t expect too much…


TC: Croatia has been one of the top countries to visit in Europe. Did it meet all of your expectations?


S: Most of them…yes. We started in Old Town Dubrovnik, a beautiful untouched town filled with cobblestone streets, shops, architecture, and great food. We spent our days on the small beach just outside the walls and walked around at dusk, taking in all of the history and amazing buildings. The sunset was amazing. Dubrovnik is not to be missed. And I watch Game of Thrones, so it was fun to see all of the filming locations! The sunsets, of course, were stunning. It’s easy to find an outdoor cafe and people watch while the sun goes does.


J: Dubrovnik was my favorite. We had no complaints! Our airbnb was fantastic, our hosts were amazing and even gave us some homemade wine. The language barrier was tough but that was to be expected. There were buses that took us everywhere and its easily walkable if you are near Old Town. The nightlife was great, too. Dubrovnik really has everything for anyone. Great nightlife, restaurants, history, beach (although it was small!), art, culture, and so much more. You can’t go wrong.


TC: Did you go on any tours or visit anywhere notable?


S: We took a day tour to Plitvice Lakes, which was a long day but totally worth it. You cannot miss out on Plitvice while in Croatia! We also did a boat trip and went island hopping. It was great. We met a lot of other travelers and were on a pirate-like ship that took us to 4 different islands. These tours are offered everywhere and are easy to find. We booked in advance online since summertime is busy. was a great place to find the tours at a good price.


TC: So what didn’t you like about Croatia?


S: I think we came at the end of the tourist season when the locals were ready for all of us to leave! We encountered a few pushy locals, but overall it didn’t bother us. We are from New York, so we get that all of the time!


TC: What else was on your Croatian Itinerary?


J: After Dubrovnik, we took a bus along the coast to Split. We stayed at another Airbnb and were very close to the main part of town and the Ferries. This was important to us since we were taking a lot of day trips to different islands. Taking a bus from Dubrovnik to Split was the best and cheapest option, which was the tour filled portion of this trip. Tours to Brac island, Plitvitce Lakes (which deserves a post all to itself) and Hvar are offered everywhere.


S: Split was cool. There was a cultural festival going on, so there were concerts at night and all of the restaurants and shops stayed open late. It was so hot when we got there, but at night it was pleasant!


J: I think our highlight in Split was the island tours to Brac and Hvar. It’s not too far from Split via ferry and its easy to get tickets. You’ll need to do some swimming if you go in the summer! It’s too hot otherwise.


TC: What did you like about Brac and Hvar?


S: Brac was great. Blue waters and white beaches. But don’t think its going to be sandy and comfortable! Most Croatian beaches are pebbled beaches, so we wished we had brought water shoes for comfort. There were plenty of chairs to rent, so that was great. And the views were incredible. Hvar smelled of lavender and had the perfect mix of history and relaxation. We were swimming in the water and would look back and see an amazing view of the old stone houses and stores. Inland there is the lavender field, which Hvar is famous for.


J: Hvar was interesting, since we didn’t walk too far from the ferry, we ended up swimming off of a cement barge. It doesn’t sound pleasing, but it was actually great! We put our towels down and would creep down a small step ladder into the water. We loved it!



TC: Would you ever go back?
S: Yes, definitely. I would like to see more islands and maybe head to Zagreb to see whats there. Dubrovnik was amazing too. But there is so many other places we want to go, so it will have to wait!





 The harbor in Old Town Dubrovnik is a great spot to capture your Croatia travel memories.




You’ll feel like you stepped back in time when passing through the gates of Old Town Dubrovnik


 Croatia island hopping on a pirate ship is the best way to see as much as you can in one day!



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